LCV Brake Applicator - EF2

The Extra Foot - LCV Brake Applicator - EF2

The EF2 is a brake pedal depressor suitable for cars, vans and light commecials. The EF2 is fully multifunctional allowing the Extra Wipe and Extra Scrape attachments to be used with great effect. The Extra Wipe attachment is great at removing snow from roofs and bonnets and for drying wet windows and demisting.

The Extra Scrape makes a great extendible ice scraper, removing the need to lean over the bonnet and is especially handy for 4x4s and vans. This is an excellent safety product that helps drivers to adhere to the Highway Code regarding driving in winter conditions.

Some interesting feedback we have received from mechanics is that they are able to check a vehicle for imbalance when it is on a lift by applying the EF2 until the braking system starts to activate and by spinning the wheels are able to detect if one side is braking better or worse than the other therefore indicating if imbalance is present.



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